Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Still Went To Michigan

mother fuck i still had to go.
through blizzards and near death experiences
honestly this the truth.
i sweated more than ever trying to save my swerving
van from ditches all over the 94 interstate.
worst time ever 400 miles of hell, i felt better coming into chicago...
ahhhh traffic ... nice, better.

i saw this first hour of driving...turned over semi by the cop

these were the roads...

Me and Ol' B-ROCK

we run it deep son!!!
autographed for urs truly!!!
no actually they got these cheesy ass pics running free in sun times now
like its the pope calendar or something lol.
thought this was funny enjoy.

Picture Of The Week

hey hey shes the photogropher leave her alone.
this is bogus non the less, i mean come on red chucks?! please man!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


if you would be sooo soooo sooo generous
as to donate some cents... maybe dollars
to stoop album fund!!!


i almost had to drive out to michigan tomorrow
for work. now the drive aint so bad in summer months
although it is tedious, and long. the winter months bring forth a whole new
worry... ice!!!
so i hear theres a storm coming and well nature being wat it is the storm will only follow
my ass east, so i refused to go!!!
last year i almost swurved off the damn 94, which was not fun and left me tasting
aluminum foil all the rest of the drive.
see its not that i dont wanna help out my company to deliver such amazing goods to michigan...
its just that i dont wanna die doing it.
if i go i want it to be atleast warm outside, with at least something to look at on my way
out. the trip was to begin at 4 am tomorrow but my prayers were answered!

be safe driving out there it aint fun having to taste alluminum foil