Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i almost had to drive out to michigan tomorrow
for work. now the drive aint so bad in summer months
although it is tedious, and long. the winter months bring forth a whole new
worry... ice!!!
so i hear theres a storm coming and well nature being wat it is the storm will only follow
my ass east, so i refused to go!!!
last year i almost swurved off the damn 94, which was not fun and left me tasting
aluminum foil all the rest of the drive.
see its not that i dont wanna help out my company to deliver such amazing goods to michigan...
its just that i dont wanna die doing it.
if i go i want it to be atleast warm outside, with at least something to look at on my way
out. the trip was to begin at 4 am tomorrow but my prayers were answered!

be safe driving out there it aint fun having to taste alluminum foil


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