Saturday, November 29, 2008


yeah i got it. i suspect a salmon fillet might be the one to blame. i ran to the communal washroom at the studio. i must have regurgitated 20 times, the toilet bombarded with my
insides; didnt think it could look dirtier than it already was. i seemed to do the trick.
i didnt sleep all night, my stomach cramped and throbbed as if there was something inside me.
CHUG CHUG i must have drank half the bottle of pepto, it did nothing to help.
a few things did help me see some bright side.

* Ratatoulle (the mouse cook movie)
* Jozn brought me Gatorade
* we finally got all the click tracks down at the studio!!!

i awoke with a slighty lesser pain.
but tonight is ognna be hard. im weak, slighty aching, and dont really
feel like i can get up.
tonight being a bad night to feel such aches for tonight is show night!!!

come out maybe you can see me vomit on my solo.!!!

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