Saturday, November 22, 2008

saturday off

yesterday i slept for 16 hours
it wass amazing and it seems that my eyebags are gone lol
well sorta lol

two kinda bad updates my two acoustics seem to have something
wrong with them, one broken tunin nob and the other a rattling sound.
yes im sad :(

well in other news we got down to recordin our song tempos
next time we go back is tuesday night, when we rap up the remaining
three songs for beat mapping. we wont be back in the studio till after the November 29Th
show at the Savemore Lounge (6040 Lincoln - 21+)
when we go back in the studio we hope to get the drum tracks out the way.
we shall also have pics of the process taken by local photographer Ames (jamie Navarro)

adrien g.

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