Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama Vs. .... Well i dont know exactly

so this tuesday brings me a great sense of anxiety. i dont know i feel like even tho this past week there has been more early votes casted than ever before... i feel G W BUSH is gonna do a round 2. obama is obviously the best choice, god hes the only choice.
these undecided voters need to realize something, MCCAINs OLD ASS AND BIG TITTIES are idiots and they rely on charicatures and stunts to atract people (excuse me i mean "STUPID PEOPLE") just look at him sturggle when his he fucks up lol..

other thing i kinda was thinking about was Sarah Palins little rap thingy on SNL
for a party obsessed with trying to make the BLACK man look evil, their VP candidate sure likes to get "jiggy" wit it lol.

oh yeah and she got a porno coming out. well its not her its lovely and busty Lisa Anne
dont know when its out but i do know its called WHOS NALIN PAYLIN lol

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