Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Still Went To Michigan

mother fuck i still had to go.
through blizzards and near death experiences
honestly this the truth.
i sweated more than ever trying to save my swerving
van from ditches all over the 94 interstate.
worst time ever 400 miles of hell, i felt better coming into chicago...
ahhhh traffic ... nice, better.

i saw this first hour of driving...turned over semi by the cop

these were the roads...

Me and Ol' B-ROCK

we run it deep son!!!
autographed for urs truly!!!
no actually they got these cheesy ass pics running free in sun times now
like its the pope calendar or something lol.
thought this was funny enjoy.

Picture Of The Week

hey hey shes the photogropher leave her alone.
this is bogus non the less, i mean come on red chucks?! please man!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


if you would be sooo soooo sooo generous
as to donate some cents... maybe dollars
to stoop album fund!!!


i almost had to drive out to michigan tomorrow
for work. now the drive aint so bad in summer months
although it is tedious, and long. the winter months bring forth a whole new
worry... ice!!!
so i hear theres a storm coming and well nature being wat it is the storm will only follow
my ass east, so i refused to go!!!
last year i almost swurved off the damn 94, which was not fun and left me tasting
aluminum foil all the rest of the drive.
see its not that i dont wanna help out my company to deliver such amazing goods to michigan...
its just that i dont wanna die doing it.
if i go i want it to be atleast warm outside, with at least something to look at on my way
out. the trip was to begin at 4 am tomorrow but my prayers were answered!

be safe driving out there it aint fun having to taste alluminum foil


Saturday, November 29, 2008


yeah i got it. i suspect a salmon fillet might be the one to blame. i ran to the communal washroom at the studio. i must have regurgitated 20 times, the toilet bombarded with my
insides; didnt think it could look dirtier than it already was. i seemed to do the trick.
i didnt sleep all night, my stomach cramped and throbbed as if there was something inside me.
CHUG CHUG i must have drank half the bottle of pepto, it did nothing to help.
a few things did help me see some bright side.

* Ratatoulle (the mouse cook movie)
* Jozn brought me Gatorade
* we finally got all the click tracks down at the studio!!!

i awoke with a slighty lesser pain.
but tonight is ognna be hard. im weak, slighty aching, and dont really
feel like i can get up.
tonight being a bad night to feel such aches for tonight is show night!!!

come out maybe you can see me vomit on my solo.!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Im Hungry But Nothing Is Open

hmmm im thinking neighborhood restaurant or maybe a little greek.
but thanks to your little holiday i must starve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its ok i came to terms with my unforgiving fate lol

Bolt The Movie

Made me cry ................

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad Day Prayin For A Good Night

So today was one of my most annoying days! im not gonna say
worse day or horrible day, cus Obama(guy who knows alot) knows it could be worse.
i started my day out with a late start followed by being lost for an hour!!!
on the south side!!! lol i soon there after locked myself out my own work van, needin to desperately use the washroom.... BAD!!!
i had to wait 2 hours for my backup keys to come meet me at 30th and lawndale.
things got alittle brighter after that, i got me some tacos and finally punched out.
hey who could ask for more than easy to eat food and no work.

well now im home reading peoples comments of confusion, apprentely
they expected basketballs or something lol i dont know.

my hopes for tonight (day 2 studio) are grand :)
i hope to have lots of fun despite my hectic morning.
i got us a jewel gift card to blow on microwaveable junk filled
with vitamin RALPH vitamin ZORK and other goodies!!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Studio Day One

so we finally started production on our first album!!!
we had to set down some scratchtracks and getting the feel of the
whole thing out in the open.
these are only some of the pics so far. more will follow
we return to the studio tomorrow for Day 2.
stay tuned!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Morning.... Errbody

ahhh last night had some good hooka some good chill time with
Ryan and just
woke up from some damn good sleep.
thought id remind yall once again about this after thanksgiving

its twenty one and up unlesss you got a fake lol
well actually its still 21 and up... all that changes is that you got a fake.

i heard its a pretty cheap place to drink
and its gonna be down to earth type joint


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Picture Of The Week

lol not only is this show (Trueblood) one of the best shows ive been a fan of
since The Wire.
but goddaammmm hes giving it to her lol.


we soon blew it all on SUGAR DADDIES and BAZOOKA JOES!
all well

saturday off

yesterday i slept for 16 hours
it wass amazing and it seems that my eyebags are gone lol
well sorta lol

two kinda bad updates my two acoustics seem to have something
wrong with them, one broken tunin nob and the other a rattling sound.
yes im sad :(

well in other news we got down to recordin our song tempos
next time we go back is tuesday night, when we rap up the remaining
three songs for beat mapping. we wont be back in the studio till after the November 29Th
show at the Savemore Lounge (6040 Lincoln - 21+)
when we go back in the studio we hope to get the drum tracks out the way.
we shall also have pics of the process taken by local photographer Ames (jamie Navarro)

adrien g.

Monday, November 17, 2008

so little update we finally got the mic working awesomely!!!
heres a few videos to enjoy spread the word and enjoy!!!!!!!!
feel free to laugh and feel free to tell us what ya think!!!




Sunday, November 16, 2008


heres your online version of your b day card
much love

Stoop's Debut Album

My friends (McCAIN lol)
id like to let you know that this coming thursday is the first day of studio sessions for "I AM SPARTACUS"
its been a while coming and i along with the rest of the guys wanna thank all of you who show love and know the words simply from shows!!! thank you!!!
this album will consist mostly on songs we feel describe us now.
im sure there will be B-Sides and such released on the side such as long lost songs and spanish goodies!
we will be video blogging the whole thing with pictures as well make sure to check out WWW.STOOPGOODNOISE.BLOGSPOT.COM maybe in a week we should have our documentation up and running!!!!
also in other announcements we found our photographer for the band. our good friend Jaime "AMES" Navarro, who agreed to snap off pro bono (free)
this is the beginning you guys! thanks being here with us and hope you guys are with us in the hopes of there being not an end in sight!

Also if you havent heard we are playing a 21 + show at the SAVEMORE LOUNGE !!! NOV 29th ccheck it out!!!

thank you very much !

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some NEw Designs i made

Im gonna outsource these designs too much trouble for
me to make em, i need a draft table hook it up


Me and Bela just finished some last night they incorporate the Emanuel Aguilar logo of bricks.
Hope you guys like!!!
we will be selling them on the 29th of NOVEMBER!!! We got the regular stoop logo joints for $5 and the new brick ones for $7!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ohh, why hello there mister officer.

i got a ticket... yes me but he was nice and i shall respect the balance.!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rocking Out For A BETTER Week

so as most know ive been sick this whole past week and im still alittle drippy this monday
i bought me a little VAPO RUB STEAM MACHINE which did nothing for my sinuses.
it merely made my room smell like doctor visit, minus the paintings in the waiting room.
but good news well kinda, ummm i am to meet with Louis Svitek to talk about the debut album from Stoop, and well have tea and talk about the PLAN!!! so soon my fellas and fellos there will be a stoop album out .
ive been entertaining myself with pics and stuff theres nothing much to do when your sick

Favorite Picture Of The Week

Its soooooo risk-ay dare i say !
ha big ups to my guy Ryan for this daringly sexy photo!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama Vs. .... Well i dont know exactly

so this tuesday brings me a great sense of anxiety. i dont know i feel like even tho this past week there has been more early votes casted than ever before... i feel G W BUSH is gonna do a round 2. obama is obviously the best choice, god hes the only choice.
these undecided voters need to realize something, MCCAINs OLD ASS AND BIG TITTIES are idiots and they rely on charicatures and stunts to atract people (excuse me i mean "STUPID PEOPLE") just look at him sturggle when his he fucks up lol..

other thing i kinda was thinking about was Sarah Palins little rap thingy on SNL
for a party obsessed with trying to make the BLACK man look evil, their VP candidate sure likes to get "jiggy" wit it lol.

oh yeah and she got a porno coming out. well its not her its lovely and busty Lisa Anne
dont know when its out but i do know its called WHOS NALIN PAYLIN lol


so i just got done with Coheed And Cambria's NEVERENDER which for those who dont know was a Four night concert series in which they played every song from every cd!!!
it was a amazing! i unfortunately missed out on the last night No World For Tomorrow, due to me being exausted. None the less these concerts were one of the best things i have ever experienced! Co Ca being my favorite band of all time coming right in front of Built to Spill and The Strokes. Each night was filled with a certain "WE ARE GOING TO WAR" type vibe with every chant stronger and stronger each song! The three nights i experience left me with some R.L. Stines (goosebumps, the author) lol all night!
i got some pics my buddies took, take a look!

Monday, October 27, 2008




so this past weekend we went camping yes yes yes it was mother fugggin cold!!!
but amazing heres a few flicks of the fun.