Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad Day Prayin For A Good Night

So today was one of my most annoying days! im not gonna say
worse day or horrible day, cus Obama(guy who knows alot) knows it could be worse.
i started my day out with a late start followed by being lost for an hour!!!
on the south side!!! lol i soon there after locked myself out my own work van, needin to desperately use the washroom.... BAD!!!
i had to wait 2 hours for my backup keys to come meet me at 30th and lawndale.
things got alittle brighter after that, i got me some tacos and finally punched out.
hey who could ask for more than easy to eat food and no work.

well now im home reading peoples comments of confusion, apprentely
they expected basketballs or something lol i dont know.

my hopes for tonight (day 2 studio) are grand :)
i hope to have lots of fun despite my hectic morning.
i got us a jewel gift card to blow on microwaveable junk filled
with vitamin RALPH vitamin ZORK and other goodies!!!


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