Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stoop's Debut Album

My friends (McCAIN lol)
id like to let you know that this coming thursday is the first day of studio sessions for "I AM SPARTACUS"
its been a while coming and i along with the rest of the guys wanna thank all of you who show love and know the words simply from shows!!! thank you!!!
this album will consist mostly on songs we feel describe us now.
im sure there will be B-Sides and such released on the side such as long lost songs and spanish goodies!
we will be video blogging the whole thing with pictures as well make sure to check out WWW.STOOPGOODNOISE.BLOGSPOT.COM maybe in a week we should have our documentation up and running!!!!
also in other announcements we found our photographer for the band. our good friend Jaime "AMES" Navarro, who agreed to snap off pro bono (free)
this is the beginning you guys! thanks being here with us and hope you guys are with us in the hopes of there being not an end in sight!

Also if you havent heard we are playing a 21 + show at the SAVEMORE LOUNGE !!! NOV 29th ccheck it out!!!

thank you very much !

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