Saturday, January 17, 2009

El Bad Dia

Well today is kinda of gloomy,
ive been going trhough some personal
rocky roads, and they aint been tasting
of chocolate.
but lets keep our eyes on the prize here,
tonight i along with Jesse must record some
scratch vocals. Now its all good but its been a while
since ive been in the studio singin... AWKWARD!
lol plus everyone is sick and im like fighting to the
death with my partner vitamin c against errbodies nasty.
ill give it my best tonight, and then tomorrow Drums.
also im kinda sleepy i didnt get to bed till 3 am due
to an old friends MOUTH lol. but its ok i enjoy the chat.
now im off to drink tea.


1 comment:

gaby said...

Pero bien que te gusto, Chayo! LOL I'm going to look for that pic of you so you can post it and name it "Wow the past is hilarious."