Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Michigan... Again

The trip wasnt that bad at all actually...
perfect roads and perfect sunrise and sunset.
see i get to see both cus i left the office at
precisely 3 am and got back home at
8 pm. jealous... i bet .
It seems the only bad thing that happened
night was RACISM!!! thats right i saw it happen
...TO ME!!! its one of those things you think
you only read about in books lol. so heres how it
went down. im on my ride home from michigan
when the "hunger of ages" hits me, so i exit on the
next available food stop. ahh popeyes(gary, indiana)
now i ive heard of this area in bad terms but i was
sooooo hungry. i walked inside and i stood inline.
it was finally my turn to order "finally...CHICKEN!!!"
only i never got to order. The cashier ignored me for 20
mins. now thats a long time to wait for an order, so i
took the hint, after a few mean glances she threw my way
i walked away to good ol subway.
i took from this experience that we are measured by
our color and this will only restrict us if we let the evils
of POPEYES take over. Subway all the way.


(Below:Michigan I-94 Sunset)

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