Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things to Come

well you all know that im currently in the
process of recording our first album, but in
addition to all that we are gonna start makin
many more videos for your enjoyment, and also
as a measure to get yall to know us better.
also maybe ill have a little interview with the one
and only Louis Svitek(our producer) of MindFunk
and Ministry fame, and his thoughts on the band
and the album, and maybe some stories of life on the
i really wanna take a moment and thank all those
who remain patient as all hell for our album. you continue
to show support show after show. you will soon have your album
so obama got his dream huh. im sooo dam excited for the US
but i must stay realistic. the prez will only have a certain amount
of power its up to us to speak up to our local legislature and demand
what we want and need. i do realize that senior obama will make this
country feel proud of itself again, and i mean the general mainstream
population not the middle state mccain peeps who always think
the us is amazing. but we need to love this country again.
and return to making it amazing to live in.

kinda went off subject but meh.
see ya soon with more good stuff.


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